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Refund Policy

Should you decide to register as a user on the Website (as defined in the “Terms and Conditions” published on the Website and which incorporates this refund policy by way of reference), you must read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions regulating the use of the Website

Storage Auctions Proprietary Limited, registration number 2019/316867/07 (“Storage Auctions”) is the owner and operator of the Website, (Storage Auctions and the Website collectively hereinafter "We," “Our,” or "Us"). We believe in best practice and want all users of the Website to buy and sell in a safe environment. As such, here are some tips for Buyers to follow when using our Website:

1.     Ensure your computer, tablet or mobile device (whichever you utilise in transacting on the Website) has up-to-date security and anti-virus software installed.

2.     Never agree to do business privately outside of the online auction Website, for example directly by email. 

3.     Research all aspects of the online auction you are bidding on prior to entering a bidding process. We would suggest inspecting the goods advertised as being up for auction prior to entering into such buy/sell processes - where possible.

4.     Only pay using a secure system as provided on the Website –this is shown through a padlock symbol and web address starting with https://.

5.     Keep complete copies of all documents including electronic records of all bids, item descriptions, photographs, advertisements, emails and receipts so as to manage any risks arising from potential disputes between the seller and the buyer.

6.     As the Website is only a venue in which we act in the capacity of the Disclosed Agent (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) for the Seller and not an auction house and are not conducting live auctions at the premises of the Seller, any transactions concluded on the Website is a transaction between you as the User and the applicable Seller. As such, we suggest that should you have any problem, query or concern, you should contact the Seller (either via the Website or through the contact details of the Seller made available to you) and explain the issue and how you would like it resolved. Many Sellers want to resolve problems quickly to avoid negative feedback.

7.     You may be entitled to claim for a refund and a return of goods (either in terms of the Consumer Protection Act or other applicable laws or regulations) if the Seller selling the goods through the Website, sold you goods that:

a.             Was advertised in a misleading manner and/or hid costs or other details from you.

b.             Was stolen or did not come with clear title.

8.     It is however important to note that:

a.             goods are faulty or do not do what they are supposed to, you are not entitled to a refund or eligible to return such goods. Goods sold at auction are purchased at your risk.

b.             Most goods sold through the Website will be second hand and in a used condition. For these reasons you are strongly advised to inspect the goods before bidding.

9.     Whilst you can report problems to Us, usually disputes are between you the Seller as We are not involved in the actual sales process. We will always encourage parties to communicate with each other to resolve disputes amicably.


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