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Having been involved in the storage industry for nearly 20 years, I know all too well the pressures placed on storage operators when it comes to the disposal of abandoned customer goods.  The process can be stressful, labour intensive and time consuming. This can sometimes lead to non-action, with a flow on effect of increased debt levels and the loss of income.

I also know we all love finding a good deal and hunting for that hidden treasure and that’s why when I was approached by iBidOnStorage (who have been operating successfully since 2016 and have closed over 4,500 successful auctions to date), I decided to partner up with them and launched iBidOnStorage.co.za.

iBidOnStorage is South Africa’s only online auction platform dedicated to the storage industry, specialising in storage unit auctions.  A platform that delivers a marketplace where both Sellers and Buyers of storage units can benefit and prosper.  

Our site is designed to give the Seller greater control over the auction process, by giving them full access to their own account and allowing them to set their own auction parameters. Sellers will also benefit through increased exposure.  A bigger audience means the potential of more buyers.  More buyers lead to a more competitive auction, which in-turn drives a higher selling price.  In addition, faster turn-around times mean the Seller can re-rent their storage unit quicker than ever before.

Buyers, whether they be second hand dealers or bargain hunters, do not have to be physically present to place a bid.  They will be able to bid from the comfort of their own home or office.  We will even notify our Buyers when a new auction starts in their area.

And best of all, iBidOnStorage will host nothing but storage unit auctions.  Gone will be the risk of auctions going unnoticed or unfound on sites that sell everything from cars, trucks and boats, through to electrical goods, fine art and collectibles.  iBidOnStorage will be a treasure hunters dream.

So what are you waiting for? 
Register now and let the Storage Wars begin!

Grant Daniel
Founder - iBidOnStorage.co.za

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