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Your Guide To Bidding on Storage Units on Online Auctions

November 09, 2023
 Participating in online storage auctions provides the opportunities to obtain hidden treasures at the lowest of costs. To aid your auction journey, follow these basic steps to start successfully bidding on online storage auctions on iBidOnStorage.co.za:


1. Create a free account by visiting the registration page here. You will only be required to provide your mobile number, address and email to register. Prior to bidding on a storage auction, you will be required to enter your credit card information.

2. Read the legal agreement when registering. Then complete the questions on the registration form, and enter your mobile number. A text message will be sent to you with an activation code. 

3. Complete the account information form by creating a password. To ensure your account is not susceptible to hackers, use a new password, one that you do not use already for other websites.



1. On the iBidOnStorage.co.za home page, click on “Current Auctions” on the top menu to begin perusing available storage units. Try using the filter options to refine your search results. Be sure to avoid bidding on storage units in locations far from you.

2. Once you have decided on a storage unit you would like to bid on, make your bid. This is when you will be requested to provide your credit card information. Be sure this is the right unit and the proper amount to bid, as you cannot retract your bid. And keep in mind that storage facilities sell items `as is,` with no warranties.

3. As an additional feature, if you are spending more and bidding frequently, consider using iBidMANAGER. It will allow you to bid automatically on the units you are interested in, rather than requiring you to watch the auction and bid manually. Specifying a maximum bid will ensure you don’t go over budget.

4. Be aware that iBidOnStorage.co.za adds two extra minutes when bids are made less than 61 seconds before an auction’s scheduled end time. Winners are notified when the auction closes.



1. The auction’s winner will be charged the winning bid’s amount upon the auction’s close. Winning bidders also pay a buyer`s premium.

2. Plan to visit your storage unit soon after the auction. Be sure to contact the storage facility to arrange collection in advance.

3. Typically, facility’s charge a `clean-up deposit` in cash. The deposit will be returned though if you empty the storage unit and clean it before leaving.

4. Most facilities require you to empty your storage unit with 24-72 hours after winning the auction. Otherwise, the facility may begin charging you a rental fee. Contact the facility immediately after winning to secure these details.

 5. Any personal documents, photographs, or videos that you uncover within the unit must be turned over to the storage facility.

 6. Finally, after emptying and cleaning the storage unit, return the key and request any cleaning deposit you may have paid be returned.


And all that’s left is you doing what you do with your winnings!

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