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November 02, 2019
The reality television show Storage Wars features men and women who purchase storage units people have neglected or had taken away from them because they didn`t pay for the unit. Buyers are only able to look inside each unit for a few moments before the door is closed again. Sometimes, these few moments can give the buyer an idea about large items that are in the unit; however, it`s often the small and unmarked boxes that result in some of the strangest things found on the show.

Newspapers about Elvis Presley

One of the things that`s a collector`s item and among the strangest found on Storage Wars is a stack of newspapers about Elvis Presley. Dave Hester found the stack in a unit when he was looking through some old boxes. The newspapers had information about the death of Elvis and what happened in the days after his death. The papers brought Dave about $90,000.

Pirate treasure

Most people think of pirate treasure as being found in the ocean. Husband and wife team Dan and Laura Dotson spent about $1,000 on a unit in California and made a nice recovery while they were looking inside the chests and boxes. The pair found `pieces of eight` Spanish gold, dated back to the 16th century. These small pieces were valued at $500,000!

Voodoo items

When you look inside a storage unit, you might see beautiful items you want to display. You could also find a few items you want to toss in the trash. Brandi was searching through her unit when she found a box of voodoo dolls and other items on Storage Wars. Among the accessories was a deer skull, statues, and chicken bones.

Faceless bills

It`s always good to have money, but if you don`t know the denomination, then it doesn`t do much good to the owner. On one episode of the show, someone found a trunk with about $24,000 worth of bills inside. The buyer only paid $400 for the unit; however, there were no faces on the bills! No one knows whether the faces were removed on purpose or if it was a printing mistake, but the bills were still considered legal tender and could be spent.

My Little Pony

There are some people who store their toy collections inside a storage unit. Brandi and Jarrod were lucky enough to find several boxes of My Little Pony collectibles. Among the items was a large, pink stuffed pony. All of the items were valued at $875.

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