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Auction # NDL2242 Rent A Store Sandton - Johannesburg, 805 Pretoria Main Road, Wynberg, GT, 2090

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Current Bids (0)

Auction Close Time: 12-06-2024 13:00:00 Africa/Johannesburg
Bid from
R 1500
Including 15.5% Bidder Premium = R1,732.50
This auction has ended.
Starting Bid: R 1 500,00
Bid Increment: R 100,00 or more


Rent-A-Store does not search for, open, move or unpack any items for photographic display purposes. Items listed should not be considered, by any stretch of the imagination, the complete unit inventory.
Items found in the unit:
2 x Leather Front Car Seats
1 x Leather Back Car Seats
1 x Audi Front Fender
1 x Audi Grill
1 x Unknown Car Grill
1 x Door Panel
1 x Mag Wheel
1 x Box Vinyl Wrap
1 x Miscellaneous Box
Miscellaneous Items

Unit Size


Cleaning Deposit

R 500 - Cash

(The deposit will be repaid when the unit is emptied in its entirety)

IMPORTANT: All goods are considered "branded as". Brands or artist names (eg. Nike, Wii, Rolex, The Beatles etc) are used for descriptive purposes. Unless otherwise stated, no items have been authenticated by the Storage Facility or its employees. No warranty is provided over the working order of the goods being sold. All goods should be considered as used and untested.

Terms and Conditions

VERY IMPORTANT - READ Before you bid

Soft close:

Our online storage auctions have a soft close. All bids within the last minute will extend the closing time by 2 minutes. This way the Buyer willing to bid the most will win the auction. The auction is officially closed when the "SOLD" notice appears on the auction page, otherwise the auction has gone into a soft close.

Prices inclusive of VAT:

Unless otherwise stated, all amounts are in South African Rand (ZAR) and inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax). Example: An auction won at a Sale Price of R100.00 would be calculated as R86.95 + R13.05 VAT. The Buyer`s Premium is 15.5%, calculated as a percentage of the Sale Price and will be payable by you at the time of purchase.

Payment and Terms of Claiming the Storage Unit:

Prior to placing a bid, you will be required to enter your bank card details. Your bank card is not charged when placing a bid. Should you win an auction, the total amount payable will be immediately deducted from your registered bank card. Should that payment decline for any reason, you must make the payment to us within 4 hours of the auction ending (we will send an email detailing our bank details and the exact amount payable). If payment is not received within 4 hours of the auction ending, you will be deemed to have breached our Terms and Conditions and your iBidOnStorage account will be permanently closed.

After winning a storage auction, you will have 72 hours to remove all items from the storage unit and pay the refundable Cleaning Deposit. If you do not collect the contents within 72 hours, you will be deemed in breach of contract and to have defaulted on this Agreement.

In both of the above cases, we may further offer the Unit(s) to the next highest bidder, relist the Unit(s) for sale, or dispose of the contents as if You authorised us to do so.

We recommend you call 0861 736 827 to arrange pickup as soon as you are notified of your win. A refundable Cleaning Deposit of R500.00 will also have to be paid as an assurance the storage unit is emptied in its entirely. The Cleaning Deposit will only be returned when the storage unit is empty.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All units are sold as a job lot sale, as is and on a voetstoots basis. All sales are FINAL as NO REFUNDS are given. Unless otherwise stated, no items have been authenticated by the Seller.


Title to the purchased goods does not pass to the Buyer until we receive notification from iBidOnStorage that the sale has completed AND the goods have been collected by the Buyer.


Make sure to read the Notice to Buyers at the bottom of this listing.
Know which unit you are bidding on. If you win an auction, make certain you know which unit you have won. This number will be noted on the invoice sent to you by iBidOnStorage.


When you come to collect your purchased contents, you must be able to identify yourself as the rightful winner of the auction. A copy of the Winners Notification documentation plus photo ID must be presented on arrival.
Only the registered person who won the auction is allowed to pick up the storage unit contents, unless You have made a prior agreement with the storage operator.


When the auction closes, you will be immediately notified by email if you won the auction in subject.

Pickup Location Information
805 Pretoria Main Road, Wynberg, Johannesburg, GT, 2090
0861 736 827

Hours of Operation
Office Hours: 08h00 - 17h00 (Monday-Friday) excluding public holidays
09h00 - 13h00 (Saturday)
Gate Hours: 06h00 - 18h00 (Monday-Sunday) including public holidays


Notice to Buyers: This is to inform the Buyers prior to the sale that:

The Storage Location reserves the right to end an auction at any time during the bidding period. The Storage Location also reserves the right to postpone or extend the auction and specified time period, at their sole discretion at any time during the bidding period for any reason whatsoever. By law, if a tenant pays the outstanding balance up to the close of auction, the auction must be removed.

By placing a bid, the Buyer is entering into a legally-binding contract. If the winning Buyer does not honour the bid and does not pay for the purchased contents, an admin fee will be charged and your bidding account will be permanently closed.

The Buyer acknowledges that he or she is bidding on ALL ITEMS within the unit and ALL ITEMS must be removed within a 72-hour period, or the goods will become the property of the Storage Location. In the event that the Buyer does not remove all items or does not leave the unit clean, the Storage Location may also withhold the Cleaning Deposit. The storage operator can also request from iBidOnStorage that the Buyers account is closed.

It is the Buyer`s responsibility to immediately return all personal property, papers, photos, legal documents, tax returns, bank statements, etc. to the Storage Location for return to the tenant in the future. If the Buyer finds any illegal material, firearms, or any item that are considered illegal, then it is the Buyers responsibility to declare and notify the local Police authority of items bought.

This agreement pertains to this and all future sales this Buyer attends with any Self
Storage Location listed on iBidOnStorage.co.za. The Storage Location reserves the right to refuse bids from any Buyer at future auctions due to failure to follow these rules or any other unacceptable behavior during the auction process.

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